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The culinary industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the nation. Forecasts predict an additional one and a half million trained culinarians will be needed by the year 2016. A major portion of that number will be employed in one of the premier tourist destinations and convention sites in America: California, and most notably, Los Angeles. L. A. is a unique city where the cuisines of the world melded to create our own unique California cuisine.

Prepare for your culinary future! Our Culinary Arts program offers the training, practice and experience needed for your entry into a successful, creative culinary career. Opportunities for employment include cooks for: hotels and restaurants, catering companies, college and university food-service, school lunch programs; corporate chefs and private chefs; other areas in the hospitality industry such as food sales, owner operators, consulting, journalism or food stylist. Los Angeles Trade Technical College’s Culinary program in the oldest continually operating program in the Nation. The program host external accreditation from the American Culinary Federation Educational Foundation Accrediting Commission (ACFEFAC), at gradation with your AA degree you may apply for you first level of industry certification with the ACF!