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Let Sion’s cater your culinary needs!
Sion’s Catered Needs AKA Sion’s is a catering company that serves the Greater Los Angeles area.  We provide creative and colorful traditional and non-traditional meals that are truly masterpieces, In addition, We offer a wonderful staff of chef’s and Servers to prepare and serve infused cuisines on and off-site.  Also, by bringing elegance and style to any family friendly environment, a social and business area or a place for events and annual club meetings.
whatever the occasion Sion’s Catered Needs can handle it.
8AM - 1PM
Personal Chef Services includes:
Meal plan, Prep, Cook and  deliver.
Prices may very!!!
 10% off on 3 consecutive or more orders weekly(Dinner Price) Sign up for 2 consecutive weeks of service or more and receive a $25 off each week, Sign up for monthly service for an even greater Discount!
We are looking for the working families ,seniors couples at home and senior living communities, Business events, Catering and Delivery Service options, delivery fee starts at $4.00 10% Gratuity
Must order 4 hours in advance for delivery service order and delivery times will be set for Daily service
 Sion's Dinner for two

 Sion's Catered Needs offers a intimate dinner for you and that special someone who you want to keep that fire burning for!

find us on the beach as you and that special someone take a romantic walk off the coast line and prepare for a lovely dinner, wine and music. Call for a great quote prices start at $125. 

Heathy Heart Meals with a twist,
do you remember when whatever you ate hadflavor?Well its back!! With an attitude!!!! Foodies and Bloggers Paradise!Healthy Heart Meals To Insure a Healthy Heart Menu and Allergy free meals the Chef will set a meeting time confirming all of your needs, we offer several menu items that will surely meet your taste buds, go ahead try me!
​Also find us at the Wellington Square Farmers Market

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ONLY DELIVER IN LOS ANGELES Contact Us Sion's Catered Needs
Los Angeles C.A. Business Phone: 323-237-7956 Cell Phone: 951-236-2243
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